DSFCC v0.35a Direct Download link

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For all those having problems with the auto-upgrader here’s a direct download link for 0.35a. Just unpack it over the old version.

Zip File : Click here…
Rar File : Click here…


DSFCC v0.35 Released

•November 29, 2009 • 1 Comment

+ Fixed a bug that stopped the list being filled if a game icon had become corrupt
+ Fixed a bug where the “save exists” image wasn’t being displayed in the DS Library.
+ Added ‘Rerip Icon’ option to right click menu in DS Library. Rerips icon image from NDS file if it ever becomes corrupt,
+ Fixed a bug in ‘Refresh Artwork’ button code in DS Library.
+ Now rerips icon when you refresh the artwork in the DS Library if not found in the icons folder.
+ Fixed a bug where previous boxart wasn’t cleared if no boxart exists for current selection.
+ Fixed a bug stopping icon images from being ripped from plain NDS files.
+ Fixed a bug in renaming of plain NDS routines. If oldname was the same as newname it would crash..
+ Some code optimisation.
+ Made changes to the release list structure.

***** Upgrade to this version using the auto-upgrader built into DSFCC.

Direct Download link for DSFCC v0.32

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Here is a direct download link for v0.32 of DSFCC for those having a problem with the Autoupgrader


DSFCC 0.32 Released

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+ Hitting the Select All button in the File Explorer panel now deselects One Click Scan if active.
+ Fixed bug where MicroSD file list for audio wasn’t setting correctly.
+ Fixed bug where MicroSD file list for video wasn’t setting correctly.
+ Added Supercard DSOne(i) to the card types.
+ Optimised boot up time a little.

*** Use the autoupgrader built into to DSFCC to update. I’ll try and update the main DSFCC post with 0.32 today.

DSFCC v0.29 Released!

•May 31, 2009 • 2 Comments

DSFCC 0.29 released, please upgrade!

+ You can now select to copy games not in the release list to your games folder.
+ The program now removes non-existing files from the game library when it builds the index.
+ Added M3 Real to card types.
+ Removed YSMenu from GBA Loader radio box in Configuration panel. Now says Firmware Integrated only.
+ Fixed a bug which caused the GBA folder to be reset everytime the app was launched.
+ Fixed a bug that allowed duplicate entries in the DS library.
+ Added option to process the unknown files database in the drop down menu. File->Process Unknown Files.
+ Added button to delete the highlighted item from the Drag and Drop Processor List.
+ Added button to clear the Drag and Drop Processor list.

*** Used the programs built in autoupgrader to update to the latest version.


•May 5, 2009 • 1 Comment


tdIRC is a tiny, fast and simplr IRC chat client.  It’s for those that don’t need all the extra features of  clients like mIRC.  If all you need is client for simple chatting then tdIRC is the client for you.  It has the ability to select a room, private message and perform the /me command, all you could ever need for chatting!

Enter the following commands in the chat window to perform various actions.

  1. /me <message> – Enter this to send an action message, ie. /me says hello to everyone in the room.
  2. /quit <message> – Use this to quit the IRC server, enter a message after /quit to show a message when quitting.
  3. /nick <new nick> – Change your nickname to <new nick>.
  4. /list – refresh channel list.
  5. /away <away message> – Set your status as away, ie. /away Havving some grub. /away on it’s own to set your status as back.

There are still some bugs in it to with connecting to the server but he actual IRC chat part is completely stable.  If you find any bugs or have any suggestions then feel free to leave them as a comment.

Download as rar file

Download as zip file

DSFCC v0.27c!

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+ Fixed the alignment of Show Saves? tickbox in explorer panel.

+ tdIRC updated to v0.1
++ Added /help command.
++ Added /quit command.
++ Added link to TrolleyGuy blog.
++ Added background image to PM window.
++ Added Server drop down menu option. Use the option to select between DALnet, EFnet and GBAtemp.
++ You can now save the raw data text to disk.
++ Fixed a bug where exiting from tdIRC would close DSFCC as well.
++ Added hints to most things in the main window.

*** Update using the autoupgrader.