File Explorer
– Quickly and easily rename files to match the release name and number.
– Permanently trim files (using Wifi compatable trimming) using a lightning fast trimming method.
– Verify your releases by CRC.
– Browse NDS and GBA games (in .zip, .rar, .7z, .nds and .gba format) with boxart for NDS and title screens for GBA along with screenshots.
– Quickly add games to your games folder by dropping them into the Explorer panel. Rename and permanently trim at the same time.
– Automatically patch GBA games to use SRAM saves while copying to the card.
– Automatically trim NDS/GBA files while copying to your MicroSD card using Wifi compatable trimming method.
– View and delete the games already installed on your MicroSD card.
– Batch selection for batch processing.
– Renames NDS files inside archives.
– Choose to automatically repack files as either zip or 7zip files when renaming.
– Clears unneeded files from archives when repacking.
– Archive in archive unpacking.
– Choose a cheat file to automatically copy to the card after copying games or copy it manually.

NDS/GBA Games Library
– View all your games in a list including game icons.
– Select which games are your favourites. When copying your favourite games and other games into different folders set by you.
– Find games using many different search options.
– Uses Advanscene’s offline list details for accurate numbering and naming.

Saves Library
– Quickly and easily copy your NDS and GBA saves from your MicroSD card to your saves library.
– Quickly and easily remove saves from your saves library for games that don’t exist in your NDS games library any more.
– Backup and restore your saves library by date.
– Manage both your NDS and GBA saves.

NDS/GBA Release List
– Browse a list of all Nintendo DS/GBA scene releases and see boxarts and screenshots for each.
– Search for games by name, country or language.
– Quickly and easily see which games are missing from your NDS/GBA games library.

Video Library
– Quickly and easily browse your DPG files.
– Add descriptions, artwork and IMDB links for all your videos.

Audio Library
– Quickly and easily browse your MP3 files.
– Display info such as title and artist as stored in the MP3 for easy browsing.
– Add artwork to each MP3.

– Quickly and easily install the firmware for your card.

Other features
– Configure folder names for your games, favourite games, video and audio easily.
– Allows you to select your GBA folder and automatically selects folder names for 3-in-1 tool and ExpLoader.
– Quickly and easily access websites and forums such as GBATemp.
– Easily apply skins to your CycloDS/EDGE/R4DS using built in skinning utilities.
– Automatically upgrade via the internet.
– and more!

Download links (simply unpack to a folder of your choice) :

Download in Rar format (0.2)
Download in Zip format (0.2)

** A big thank you from me to dohclode from GBAtemp for the excellent toolbar icons **

~ by trolleyguy1971 on November 30, 2008.

One Response to “DSFCC”

  1. nice program! I’m looking for a supercard dsoneI card and a program for its management Do you support this too?

    I’ve found (maybe) an error in the search in the release list (NDS)
    I cannot search for Mbit size

    ciao Rob

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