EZ-Trim+ V0.11

A simple to use lightning fast NDS ROM trimmer and renamer. Simply select the roms you want trimmed/renamed and select Trim, Rename or Trim + Rename depending on what you want to do and that’s it! When trimming a rom the program checks to see if a WiFi block exists in the file and if one is found the program keeps it intact.
You can select the style of the filename you want to produce easily simply by selecting checkboxes. The trimmer can either overwrite the original NDS file or create a new file with the extension _trim in the original folder. You can also select a different output folder for the trimmed roms.
Roms kept inside archives (.zip, .rar, .7z) can also be extracted and then trimmed or renamed (or both!). Although it renames the archive file there’s no option for repacking it with the trimmed rom but if there’s enough call for it I’ll put it in.
The renamer will only work for roms that have details stored in the release database. You have to download this manually by clicking on the button located in the renamer options. It doesn’t do it automatcally in case you’re using the trimmer on a machine not connected to the internet.
To find out what the different checkboxes do simply hover the mouse over it for a second or so and a hint will pop up.

The trimmer is a mighty fast beast depending on how your options are set. Below is a rough guide to getting the best speed out of it.

Unpacked NDS files : To get the best speeds out of it keep all your roms unpacked (with the extension .NDS) and select the permanent trim option. Select the files you want trimmed +/or renamed, select the process you want and watch it fly. On my crappy old computer with crappy old hard drives using the permanent trim opton I trimmed and renamed 250 unpacked roms totalling 4 gig in around 5 or 6 seconds. The permanent trim option only affects unpacked roms with no custom output folder selected.

Zip/Rar/.7z files : The program unpacks these pretty quickly but unpacking can take a few seconds. Once the program has unpacked the rom it trims it just as quickly as a normal NDS file. If you choose to output the trimmed file to another drive it has to copy it to the other drive, if you use the default path or your custom path is set to the same drive it’ll move the file to the folder instantly – meaning it only takes the time it takes to unpack the rom to trim it.

The trimmer will be slowest when your roms and/or custom output path is different to the one the program is stored on.

Simply unpack the archive to the folder of your choice and double click on the program to start, the program does not use an installer.

Rar format : Click here…

Zip format : Click here…

~ by trolleyguy1971 on November 30, 2008.

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  1. When are you going to update the release database?

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