DSFCC v0.29 Released!

DSFCC 0.29 released, please upgrade!

+ You can now select to copy games not in the release list to your games folder.
+ The program now removes non-existing files from the game library when it builds the index.
+ Added M3 Real to card types.
+ Removed YSMenu from GBA Loader radio box in Configuration panel. Now says Firmware Integrated only.
+ Fixed a bug which caused the GBA folder to be reset everytime the app was launched.
+ Fixed a bug that allowed duplicate entries in the DS library.
+ Added option to process the unknown files database in the drop down menu. File->Process Unknown Files.
+ Added button to delete the highlighted item from the Drag and Drop Processor List.
+ Added button to clear the Drag and Drop Processor list.

*** Used the programs built in autoupgrader to update to the latest version.


~ by trolleyguy1971 on May 31, 2009.

2 Responses to “DSFCC v0.29 Released!”

  1. I’m having trouble with the auto-upgrader. It crashes with a “read beyond end of file” error, so I’m stuck at version 0.20. Is there anyway to download the upgrade manually?

  2. Looking good. I’m still actually fiddling with old r4 commander stuff, as well as some other tools 😉

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