DSFCC v0.35 Released

+ Fixed a bug that stopped the list being filled if a game icon had become corrupt
+ Fixed a bug where the “save exists” image wasn’t being displayed in the DS Library.
+ Added ‘Rerip Icon’ option to right click menu in DS Library. Rerips icon image from NDS file if it ever becomes corrupt,
+ Fixed a bug in ‘Refresh Artwork’ button code in DS Library.
+ Now rerips icon when you refresh the artwork in the DS Library if not found in the icons folder.
+ Fixed a bug where previous boxart wasn’t cleared if no boxart exists for current selection.
+ Fixed a bug stopping icon images from being ripped from plain NDS files.
+ Fixed a bug in renaming of plain NDS routines. If oldname was the same as newname it would crash..
+ Some code optimisation.
+ Made changes to the release list structure.

***** Upgrade to this version using the auto-upgrader built into DSFCC.


~ by trolleyguy1971 on November 29, 2009.

One Response to “DSFCC v0.35 Released”

  1. hey mr trolley,
    thanks for updating dsfcc again, i really appreciate it. autoupdating doesnt seen to work properly for me, it downloads and unpacks and restarts, but i’m still on 0.34 then. do you have it as a standalone download too?


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